Iranian Revolutionary Guards Plotted Murder

It appears the CIA has not been completely asleep at the wheel if a former agent is speaking the truth. Raza Kahlili, an Iranian who was a CIA agent planted in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, revealed in his new book, “A Time To Betray,” the Guards not only targeted Iranian dissidents to be killed, but had an active program aimed at opponents of their nation even in Turkey. Branch 5000 of the Guards were involved in assassination-bombing, kidnapping and securing local agents. Khalili claims some Turkish authors were killed but refuses to name any who died as a result of Iranian actions. From his account, Branch 5000 is a typical spy agency seeking to kill, bribe, and persuade in order to achieve its aims. The author believes the recent return of an Iranian scientist who lived in America for years until deciding to return home will eventually result in his death by an “accident.”

The good news is the CIA has agents in the Revolutionary Guards. The bad news is so far they have not produced sufficient evidence to present a clear portrait of the Iranian nuclear program. Or, have they?