Iranian Sounds Of Bravado!

Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran are accustomed to confronting opponents who wave banners rather than being armed with weapons. During the past twenty five years Iranian soldiers have never encountered armed opponents who posses modern weapons. It is one thing to beat up a college student, and another to be facing armed American soldiers and sailors who have been tested in battle for over two decades. Iranian military leaders continue to bomb the world with platitudes and verbal threats as to what they will do if war came.

General Amir Ali Hajisadan warned America, “we have thought of means to set up bases and deploy missiles to destroy these(US) bases  in the early minutes of an attack.” Fellow, the US air force could wipe out any Iranian city within hours of such a missile attack. Such verbal bullshit may strengthen morale, but it will only strengthen desire of Israel to launch an attack.

Just remember, the last time Iranian forces actually confronted those with weapons was twenty five years ago!