Iranian Students Blast President Ahmadinejad!

Iranian students staged a demonstration at Tehran University on Sunday in which they denounced President Ahmadinejad. Demonstrators chanted slogan against the president and carried banners calling for the release of three students who have been held inside May in a high profile case. In October, they were sentenced to three years in jail, a sentence that was denounced by the reform leader, Mohammad Khatami. The demonstration supposedly was led by the Office To Foster Unity, a student reform organization. This was one of several protests students have launched over the past few months in order to express their indignation at the firing of liberal professors and the pressure being exerted on student leaders for reform.Mehdi Arabshahi, a member of the office to Foster Unity, said police had locked the main gate in order to prevent other students from entering to support their demonstration and that’s why the gate was seriously damaged by his group. Another unnamed student told reporters: “We are gathered here to say students are alive and are critical of wrong policies.” The demonstration came a day after members of the intelligence agency arrested several students they claimed lack correct identify cards.

The presence of these brave young men and women offers hope to the people of Iran. These students face the nightmare of imprisonment, but they also face the nightmare of an American attack on their nation which would end any possibility for reform in the coming decade.