Iranian Thugs Continue Assault On The Innocent

The totalitarian state only knows one way to deal with those who oppose its ideas– the batons of brutality. Iranian security forces arrested more than a dozen dissidents after demonstrations that left at least eight dead on the streets of Iranian cities. Thousands of protestors had poured into the streets of Tehran and other major urban areas on the Shiite sacred day of Ashura in order to express their dislike of the current government of President Ahmedinejad. Police fired tear gas and when that proved ineffective at getting people to leave the streets, they resorted to use of guns. Among the killed was the nephew of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, but there are also reports the young man’s body was taken from the hospital.
Opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi condemned what he termed “despicable violence” and accused the government of “dipping its hand in people’s blood and unleashing a savage group on the people.” Hardline cleric, Ahmad Khatami said it was time for the judiciary to “act firmly and there is no room for tolerance.”

The list of men and women imprisoned who have served the nation of Iran for years continues to grow as the government has lost all sense of reality. They have initiated a storm of protest and it will not be curbed by guns or batons. Where is all this violence heading?