Iranian Troubles?

There  appears to be trouble down at the Iranian corral because one day after the big boss, Ayatollah Khamenei made clear that he had no intention of discussing anything with the United States, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offered the open hand of negotiations. The Iranian president admitted that things were not proceeding very well in his nation due to sanctions and it had created an “uneasy situation.” A key point raised by Ahmadinejad was that Iran WAS going to  attain a nuclear program. “You pull away the gun from the face of the Iranian nation and I will enter talks with you.” So, what does this all mean?

1. Ahmadinejad is openly in conflict with Ayatollah Khamenei

2. It is possibly a ploy such as the famous, “good guy, bad guy” approach.

3. Ahmadinejad is leaving office so what the heck, go out with a last shot.

4. Ahmadinejad wants to challenge Khamenei for power.