Iranians Endure What They Export

The Iranian government not only exports weapons to groups that employ suicide bombers in order to kill innocent people, but it openly boasts that killing infidels is an appropriate act. Yesterday, two suicide bombers belonging to Jundallah, a terrorist group, which opposes the current Iranian religious led government, walked over to a mosque and entered the crowd. Acting in the name of self righteousness, they exploded their vests and within moments at least 39 men, women and children lay dead. If suicide bombers had blown themselves up outside a mosque filled with Sunnis, the Iranian government would have applauded the action as another strike against the evil West.

Iran’s immediate response was to blame the government of Pakistan and its notorious intelligence agency, ISI, as the culprits. “These people, (terrorists),” said an Iranian official, “are mostly based in Pakistan and especially in the city of Quetta.”

What is the old cliche about “those who live by the sword will die by the sword?” Violence against innocent Iranians is a crime.