Iran’s Behavior Threatening to US Says Admiral Fallon

At a meeting in Cairo with Egyptian President Honi Mubarak, Central Command chief Admiral William J. Fallon warned Iran that its behavior is not helpful to world peace. “I don’t want the Iranians to make a mistake and feel that we are afraid of them or not willing to stand up for things that we should in this region. There’s concern over the iranian behavior, concern in the region from the radical talk that is constantly threatening people.” The United States charges Iran has been supplying aid to militants in the Iraq war and Fallon believes “Iran is a challenge to us, to me as a commander in chief in this area.” He wants Iran to cooperate with other nations.

In the post 9/11 tragedy, the iranian government not only condemned the attack but cooperated with US forces that invaded Afghanistan. Iraq has firm relations with Iran which has been helpful to its government. the Iranian government has cooperated with Turkey. It is unclear exactly which nations are being “threatened” by Iran. The Fallon comments are disturbing because it is the responsibility of the United States government, not military commanders in the field, to make comments about foreign policy.