Iran’s Economic Problems Central Issue Of Nation

Iran and Western powers are clashing over issues regarding that nation’s nuclear program, but lost in these disputes is the apparent reality Iran is facing serious economic problems which hinder its development. Many Western leaders assume Iran is ready to confront the world with military action, but real economic issues most probably preclude any such action. Majis ‘speaker Ali Llarijani called on his nation to resolve Iran’s mounting economic problems. “The country should tackle economic twists and turns” he told Iran’s Chamber of Commerce. The Speaker of Iran’s Parliament believes it imperative for his nation to move in the direction of privatizing the economy and breaking the power of the government to direct this aspect of society. In an interesting comment, Larijani emphasized “the private sector should also have a part in Iran’s effort o stand up to Western pressure… no one in Iran is willing to surrender to pressure.”

Larijani’s call for competition in the economy is an admission the blundering efforts of his government to direct economic development have failed. Iran is not competitive in the world marketplace and there is need for dramatic changes to overcome inept government actions. It is interesting that Larijani emphasized Parliament, not President Ahmadinejad, should be directing reform of the nation. The omission of the president’s name is further evidence of a power conflict in Iran between parliament and Ahmadinejad. The good news is Iran’s need for Western economic assistance as long as that does not come across as “pressure.”