Iran’s “Michelle” Zahra Rahnavard Iran’s Secret Weapon!

Today is the day President Ahmadinejad may learn he made a huge mistake attacking the wife of his opponent. Zahra Rahnavard, wife of Hossein Mousavi has become a secret weapon in his campaign for the presidency. She is the first Iranian woman to campaign alongside her husband, and Ms. Rahnavard has not hesitated to speak her mind concerning women rights and the need for freedom in her country. At a recent press conference her supporters were overwhelmed when 150 reporters showed up to interview the woman who wears her black chador loosely and her headscarf is printed with a colorful floral pattern. The lack of an independent poll makes difficult ascertaining the outcome of the election, but there is no doubt thousands of women have been energized by her public comments.

She was asked if Iran should see her as their version of Michelle Obama. “I am not Iran’s Michelle Obama…. I am a follower of Zahra(the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad). I respect all women who are active.” On second thought, she certainly is shorter than Michelle.