Iran’s Religious Leader Speaks Of Tolerance- But Does He Mean It?

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged police cadets to respect the rights of those who differ from government views. “All ranks of people with any religion and ethnicists and also with a political disposition disposition are equal in enjoying security and only those who cause problems for people should feel insecure.” He said security is needed within a society if it is to progress.

Reading the words of Khamenei, the outside observer is struck with the similarity of how he views dissent with that of George Bush. Both mouth platitudes about the right of dissent as long as people talking that way don’t interfere with society’s progress and achievement of its goals. Of course, Khamenei and Bush both believe they know what is best for their nation. In reality, dissent is crushed in Iran whenever possible and people such as those of the Bahai faith are persecuted. The only tolerance shown is toward those who agree with the Supreme Ayatollah.