Iran:We Will Retaliate If Attacked

General Mahmoud Chaharbagh, a top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, threatened immediate military action if his nation was attacked. “Enemy bases and positions have been identified…The Guards ground force will fire 11,000 rockets into identified enemy positions within the first minute of any aggression against Iranian territory.” Granted, there is typical military hubris in claiming one’s forces are capable of defeating an enemy, but there is scant doubt Iran has missiles and is capable of firing them at American and Israel positions. If one assumes 90% of the rockets are destroyed prior to landing, that still leaves about a thousand missiles crashing into Israel or American positions. If such an attack happened it would invariably result in further American/Israel attacks on Iran, and, most probably, a land invasion. That would be a disaster for America and Israel as well as for the entire Middle East. War with Iran dooms any chance for resolution of the Palestinian/Israel conflict. It would compel many Muslim nations to distance themselves from the United States for fear of antagonizing their population.