Iraq, A Failed State

A devastating report by Guido Steinberg, writing for the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, concludes that Iraq has essentially collapsed as a viable state. “The basic assumption of this study is that a federal solution will be the only possibility to maintain Iraq as a single country.” This week’s terrible bombing in Kurdish areas which resulted in the death of over 500 people highlights what Steinberg was stating in his report. Violence appears to have moved northward and now encompasses minorities living in Iraq. Steinberg concludes: “Iraq is a failed state and will remain unstable for the forseeable future.”

A few days after the invasion of Iraq I engaged in heated arguments with a group of Republican supporters of Bush. I argued Iraq could only be maintained as a three nation entity and was told that Bush and Rumsfeld knew what they were doing. I was accused of being a liberal who failed to acknowledge the greatness of George Bush. Well, four years later, Iraq has collapsed.