Iraq, A Torturous War

It is now eight years since the invasion of Iraq and hardly a day goes by without new stories regarding the behavior of our gallant Iraq allies in war. Danish defense minister, Knud Bartels, revealed there was something rotten in the state of Denmark pertaining to their service as soldiers in the Iraq war. Danish soldiers detained over 500 Iraqis, and in  order to avoid having their hands covered with blood turned them over to British soldiers. The British soldiers turned them over to the Iraq army knowing full well any prisoner was going to be tortured.

We have heard for eight long years one denial after another about violation of the Geneva Conventions, about denial of any torture, but there WAS torture and to this day George Bush and his buddies deny what their collusion in this violation of human rights. Zenia Stampe, a spokesperson for the Danish Defense Ministry put it very clear about her nation’s participation in turning over prisoners to the Iraqis. “This again shows from A to Z there was something rotten about this war.”  Amen