Iraq-Afghanistan Vets Want Action From New President

A group representing the interests of the 1.7 million servicemen and women who have served in the Middle East have issued a 10 point action plan they wish implemented by the next president. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America(IAVA) insist the new occupant of the White House finally gets down to dealing with veteran issues that have consistently been ignored by President Bush. Most of their demands relate to improvements in mental health care, dealing with disability claims, issuing of 50,000 housing vouchers to assist veterans, and payment of the long delayed $1,000 a month for those on extended deployments.

There is no doubt veteran demands are legitimate and long due, but the question not asked is why are veterans being forced to ask a new president to carry out a program that readily could have been implemented by the current occupant of the Oval Office? Where has George Bush been the past few years when veterans were denied their rights? One might also ask, where has John McCain, the supposed maverick been on the issue of veteran treatment? Can Senator McCain cite on example of his “maverick” challenge to Bush procrastination in dealing with veteran issues? The senator from Arizona even opposed the new G.I. Bill of Rights for veterans!