Iraq Backs Obama View Or Does Obama Back Iraq View?

The government of Iraq has made clear its intention of establishing a clear time line for withdrawal of American troops from their nation. In sharp contrast to the views of President Bush and Senator John McCain, the Iraqi government and American officials have agreed to seek a “general time horizon” for deeper reductions in the size of the US armed force in Iraq. The White House said President Bush and Prime Minister Maliki in a phone conversation agreed that any accord between their nations should include, “a general time horizon for meeting the aspirational goals, such as the resumption of Iraq security control in their cities and provinces and the further reduction of U.S. combat forces from Iraq.”

Bush has vetoed efforts by the Democratic Congress to establish time lines on withdrawal although he now is negotiating with the Iraq government for the same end goals. Admiral Mullen insists things are much better although he hesitates to announce it is time for the complete withdrawal from Iraq. At the same time, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is talking about sending troops currently in Iraq to Afghanistan to deal with that ever worsening situation.

Senator Barack Obama must be smiling as events unroll in Iraq. He has been urging the establishment of a time line only to be ridiculed by Senator McCain. Now, the president is discussing a timeline. One can only wonder if George Bush has decided to brush off John McCain and join the Obama bandwagon. In any respect news of discussing timelines is not good news for John McCain.