Iraq Cleric Warns Of Civil Revolt

Radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who has imposed his own cease fire, has become furious at recent events in the city of Basra where Iraq army units attacked members of his Mahdi army. He is now calling for a “civil revolt” after the crackdown on his army resulted in the loss of 22 lives. Al-Sadr told the Iraq people: “We call upon all Iraqis to stage sit-ins all over as a first step. And, if the people’s demands are not respcted,by the Iraqi government, the second step will be to declare a civil revolt in Baghdad and all other provinces.” There was mention of a “third step” but not details were forthcoming as to what it would entail. Iraq General Ali Zaidan said his forces were engaged in dealing with “outlaw” and TV footage revealed firing in Basra and people getting killed. British forces which have been in Basra from the initial days of the Iraq war are not getting involved in the fighting.

Basra is being contested by several rival groups including al-Sadr’s Mahdi army, the Supreme Iraq Council and the smaller Fadhila party. If al-Sadr ends his truce there is no telling how it will impact the war in Iraq except to deepen divisions within the nation and escalate fighting. Fighting and killing in Iraq has begun to rise during the past few weeks after the decline that resulted from the surge. Perhaps, the Bush administration was too quick to claim a victory and the future is still clouded as to what will happen.

  • Elizabeth Rogers

    I do not have a URL. I am a US citizen and I have difficulty knowing the truth about foreign policy in Iraq. I desparately want to know what is actually happening. I understand that our soldiers have destroyed a library in Baghdad, and that the US is building airfields in Iraq. The citizens of the United States do not know these things, only a few television stations or media groups actually reflect what is really happening. I will appreciate any information or sources of information you might suggest, that will allow me to know the truth there, differences aside, tribal or otherwise, what is happening is what needs to be known, not what personal opinions may be. Although I do not mean to any way demean the importance of personal opinion when it comes to resolutions and solutions. Thank you, Elizabeth

  • Fred Stopsky

    I suggest you might read;
    The Independent of Great Britain
    The Nation magazine from the USA
    Der Spiegel from Germany
    The New Republic magazine from USA
    Le Monde Diplomatique from France