Iraq Cover-Up Charged By Former Employee

Allegations are circulating in the British Parliament about deliberate lies on the part of the security company, ArmorGroup, which allegedly withheld important information from military authorities. An employee said he had been told not to give some pertinent information to the British armed forces and that the company exaggerated the number of its employees on the ground in Iraq. According to Colin Williamson, a former member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, he was in Iraq until the summer of 2005. ‘My role was to go to certain Iraqi police stations daily in the Basra area. But, we were told not to report back any intelligence we picked up there, not to hand it to the British military. why? Because our bosses and probably, in turn, the FCO(Foreign and Commonwealth Office didn’t want to expose how corrupt and infiltrated by the militia the police were.” Williamson claims his Iraqi source was so well informed he could tell the exact moment when mortar attacks would occur, but this information was not provided the British military.

ArmorGroup spokespeople deny these allegations and claim it is all conjecture. The allegations are serious since they indicate a deliberate failure to cooperate between private enterprise firms and the British military. Let’s get a Parliamentary investigation going.