Iraq Government Seeks To Protect Christians

George Bush has continually projected an image as a president who cares about Christians since he has a direct line to God. Among his legacies as president of the United States is having done more to drive Christians from the Middle East than any single political figure in American history. When United States forces drove Saddam Hussein from power, there were about one million Christians living in Iraq, today the number is less than five hundred thousand. A few days ago, 1,000 Iraq police were sent to the city of Mosul in order to protect Christians against Muslim mobs. “Two (national police) brigades were sent to Christian areas in Mosul and churches were surrounded and put under tight security.”

Over a thousand Christians were forced to flee their homes due to violence which has resulted in the deaths of at least eleven since September 28. On Saturday, homes of Christians were blown up, undoubtedly by Muslim fundamentalists. Members of the Chaldean religion have called on American forces to provide protection, but all signs point to the complete destruction of Christian life in Iraq. Iraq Christians were living in the area hundreds of years prior to the birth of the Muslim religion but due to the success of Bush policies they will soon vanish from the region.