Iraq Heads For Electoral Chaos

Last month Iraq had an election for members of Parliament and Prime Minister Maliki’s party came in second with 89 seats to its major opponent which had 91. In most democratic societies since neither party has an absolute majority a coalition would be formed, but this is Iraq, the American model of democracy. Maliki was upset that after holding an election, he did not win, after all, isn’t the purpose of elections ensuring that governments win them? Why hold an election if you lose is the question in his mind? A judicial review committee is attempting to make things turn out OK for Maliki by simply declaring that several candidates who won under the banner of Ayad Allawi’s party are declared to be ineligible of serving since they had connections to the government of Saddam Hussein.

A reality check would reveal that most political leaders in Saddam’s Iraq had to be part of a government political party. If that was illegal, why were they allowed to run in the first place?

What was that idea about American soldiers leaving by 2011?