Iraq Health Care System Has Collapsed

Twenty years ago, people in the Middle East seeking excellent medical care might have gone to Iraq whose doctors and hospitals were considered among the best in the region. Today, according to Colonel Paul Astphan of an American combat area hospital, “the Iraqi medical system was one of the best in the Middle East prior to the Gulf War. Now, it’s not, it’s God’s will. That’s the Iraqi health care system.” There is probably only half the number or doctors needed in the country. Thousands of health care personnel have left due to fear of being killed. If they work in American hospitals there is a strong chance it will result in death. In some cases, local imams have issued warnings against seeing American doctors, particularly on the part of women.

We are living once again in the aftermath of Bush policies. The president talks about a surge to prevent terrorism, but terrorism is only one of many problems confronting the American people.