Iraq In Conflict

The war in Iraq began over a decade ago when President Bush decided to bring the benefits of democracy to people who had never really experienced this form of government. Of course, President Bush had absolutely no knowledge of the Muslim religion, of the history of Iraq, of the history of the region, but what the heck, let’s bring a new form of government. He did not know that Saddam Hussein led the minority Sunni Muslims who lived in a society in which two thirds of people were Shiite. Thanks to Bush, the former oppressed Shiites were now able to oppress the Sunni Muslims. There has been a systematic program to drive from power any Sunni leader.

Over the past few days thousands of Sunnis were in the streets demanding their rights. Soldiers fired on them killing at least six and wounding others. Prime Minister Maliki  continues to deny power to Sunnis and now the prospect of civil war is emerging. I think we need George Bush back as president to initiate another failed war