Iraq Invasion Rush To War Blasted!

During the weeks leading up to the invasion of Iraq in March, 2003, the right wing media and hysterics in the Bush administration frightened the world with dire warnings that unless there was an immediate invasion, WMD would be raining down on innocent people. Of course, there were no WMD, but the Tony Blair government bought into the hysteria and rushed British troops into combat prior to their being prepared for war. Documents secured by the Daily Telegraph reveal UK troops were not properly armed, sent into combat without intelligently designed plans of action, and no idea what to do once Baghdad fell to the Allied troops. Plans for the invasion were dogged by shortage of equipment such as sufficient body armor or lack of desert boots and protection against chemical weapons. One officer claimed his men “only had five rounds of ammunition each, and only enough body armor for those in the front and rear vehicles.”

In some cases, mobile phones that used the Kuwait network were the only ones available. There was a rush to judgement based on false information. There never was any need for “speed” to enter a war, and months, if not years remained, before any need to attack Saddam Hussein.

The question remains: Will anyone be punished for the deaths of British soldiers?