Iraq Invasion Was Illegal Says Nick Clegg!

Nick Clegg, leader of Liberal Democrats and deputy Minister in the David Cameron government, spoke out against the Iraq war in terms that should have been uttered years ago when he accused the Tony Blair Socialists of having taken England into an illegal war. During a heated exchange with former foreign secretary, Jack Straw, Clegg stated bluntly: “We may have to wait for h is memoirs, but perhaps one day he(Straw)will account for his role in the most disastrous decision of all: the illegal invasion of Iraq.” His comment has unleashed a fury of concern among legal experts who believe this remark could be used by a variety of people and institutions. Philippe Sands, of University College, London, commented: “A public statement by a government minister in parliament as to the legal situation would be a statement that an international court will be interested in, in forming a view as to whether or not the war was lawful.” Government officials are attempting to argue Clegg spoke as leader of the Liberal Democrats and was not expressing the views of the government.

The Cameron government undoubtedly awaits final recommendations from the Chilcot inquiry which has been conducting an investigation of the Iraq invasion. Former attorney general Lord Goldsmith told the inquiry of his recommendation to Prime Minister Blair in January, 2003 that UN resolution 1441 “does not authorize use of military force” without further action by the Security Council. Of course, Goldsmith in March, 2003 changed his mind and said it was legal.

The American tragedy is lack of a Chilcot inquiry so that Americans can finally learn about lies and deception on the part of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. OOps, sorry, President Obama does not believe we Americans can handle the truth.