Iraq Never Had WMD Says British Expert

Carne Ross, who was Great Britain’s top Iraq specialist at the United Nations, insists the real truth concerning the so-called WMD have never been revealed. He told MPs who are investigating leaks by civil servants that intelligence available to the Tony Blair government made it “very clear” that Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction. He told the MPs the Blair government did not give him a proper chance to discuss this issue and went went right ahead into the war based on false information. Carne resigned in 2004 after giving anonymous evidence to members of parliament. “I feel very strongly that there has still not been proper accountability and scrutiny into what happened in Iraq.”

Carne wants a full inquiry in order to get at the truth. Another whistle blower, Brian Jones, former head of the nuclear, chemical and biological branch of the Minsitry of Defense’s intelligence staff, said he was “surprised” MPs did not spot flaws in the 2002 dossier that made a case for war. He claims the Blair government kept people like him away from parliament so they could proceed with their mad dash toward war over non-existent weapons.