Iraq–New Forgotten War?

There is an interesting silence from Republican members of Congress when the topic of Iraq is mentioned. The same men and women who shouted with glee when George Bush, and the Gold Dust twins, Cheney and Rumsfeld, said we had to enter Iraq, today rarely mention the war they voted to create. Perhaps, it is a case of amnesia, perhaps it is a case of realizing the American people are not interested in wars far away or perhaps, it is a way to blame the war on Barack Obama, the man who comes from Africa. General Lloyd Austin, commander of US troops in Iraq, told the Senate “the situation in Iraq is at a critical juncture” with rising casualties. He fears once American troops are gone remaining diplomats of those working on reconstruction tasks will be at risk for their lives. Austin admitted the Iraq army still was “not yet capable” of handling the situation and the government was not stable.

During the hearing, Senator John Kerry wryly noted Iraq has become “the new forgotten war.” Say, what about that famous “surge” that supposedly ended violence in Iraq? I guess that means General Petraeus will not be placed in the ranks of great generals like Washington or Grant or Marshall.