Iraq Offers Iran Sweet Talk

I want to make certain my mind is clear about why the United States in 2003 decided to invade Iraq. Our then bright boy president George Bush warned there were WMD which were aimed in our direction and we had to take out Saddam Hussein to ensure there was peace in the region. George, Dick and Don were convinced Iran was attempting to destabilize the entire region and foster war. So, we took out Saddam in order to avoid any such scenario. Fast forward to 2010 and what is now happening:

1. Iraq under Saddam Hussein was an open enemy of Iran. Today, its prime minister, Al-Maliki went to Tehran for a meeting with Supreme Leader Khamenei in order to secure aid from Iran. “We ask Iran and our neighbors for support and reconstruction and to boost economic and cultural cooperation.”
2. Let me get this straight. Bush took out Iraq in order to ensure we could take out Iran. So, today Iraq seeks to become an ally of Iran. Yep, this is all clear.
3. In 2001, Iran had two powerful enemies on its borders–Afghanistan and Iraq. Thanks to our beloved George Bush, patron saint to terrorism in the world, Iran’s enemies are gone and it is free to do as it damn well pleases.
4. Perhaps, Glenn Beck could draw a diagram with lines leading some place so I can understand this brilliant Bush policy.