Iraq President Warmly Greets Ayatollah Khameni

Let’s see if I can get this straight.
1. President Bush opposes all relations with Iran.
2. President Bush supports the present Iraqi government.
3. Ayatollah Khameni of Iran offered help to the Iraqi government which he
4. President Talabani of Iraq just visited Iran where he warmly praised Ayatollah Khameni and said: “Today, the governments of Iran and Iraq are
Khameni and said: “Today, the governments of Iran and Iraq are taking steps for the well being of the two countries’ peoples.”
5. The Ayatollah gave some advice to Bush and suggested he be wary of arming groups in Iraq reminding him that America armed insurgent groups in Afghanistan in the 1970s and 1980s who wound up hating America.

So, if I get this straight, Bush backs the Iraq government which wants friendship with Iran which is hated by Bush. So, Bush’s beloved Iraq allies want to cooperate with Iran which Bush claims is providing military weapons to those opposing the Iraq government which Iran supports. Do you ever get the feeling no one is in charge of the Bush administration? Or, is it no one is in charge of the Iran government which allegedly supports both the Iraq government and those seeking to destroy the Iraq government. Or is it, that Bush is in charge which leads to the feeling that no one is in charge, And, Bush claims the Democrats lack a coherent Iraq strategy!