Iraq Prime Minister Wants Withdrawal Timetable

Prime Minister Maliki said his government wants to conclude an agreement with the United States of America pertaining to complete assumption of power by Iraq and a timetable indicating the process by which American troops would leave his nation. He is under pressure from many Iraqi lawmakers who want foreigners out of their country and full power to be vested in the Iraq government for the administration of the nation. Maliki told a gathering of Arab ambassadors “the goal is to end the presence of foreign troops” in his country.

The UN mandate for operations in Iraq will expire by the end of the year and some form of agreement has to be reached with the Iraq government in order for troops to continue their operations. There is some feeling Maliki will bypass the legislature and sign a memorandum of understanding with the Bush administration. This would avoid a difficult parliamentary fight. Admiral Mullen has made clear he needs some legal arrangement “to continue operations beyond the 31st of December of this year.”

  • journeyer58

    For the Iraqi’s, this is a large step towards independence from what is viewed as an oppressive and regressive system of governance.
    The armed forces of America have overstayed their welcome and are not wanted in this country.
    The American people understand that the armed forces of the US have overstayed their welcome, and are not wanted in the country, yet the shrub has no intention of letting the armed forces leave the country of Iraq. They have to protect the investment of “blood for oil.”
    There is no logical and reasonable deduction why the American forces should remain in a country where they are not wanted, not needed and are certainly not welcomed by the populace. We, the American forces are now viewed as occupiers and oppressors of the people.
    The government of the shrub and Darth Vader, however, cannot see the light of day and are certainly self-deluded by the chance to obtain exclusive oil rights to the Iraqi’s resources. As this will not happen, it is supposed that America will lose any of the rights to this oil, China and India being the recipients of the largesse of the Iraqi government. The American oil companies may be the ones to process the oil, but with the demand for natural resources by the Chinese and Indian governments at an all time high and going higher, the 1st world nations among them the US will lose out on any chance to have this resource in our control.
    Now, is the time to leave this country. The next president of the US should take the loud and clear hint that we are not wanted and make a hasty and complete withdrawal from the region. This will actually, in my opinion, stop the madness of Al-Qaeda and the other insurgent groups in their tracks. We need a president who will do the work of the people and listen to the people’s wishes both American and Iraqi.

  • Fred Stopsky

    There are 50 military bases to dismantle or turn over to doubtful control of the Iraq army. there are 150,000 soldiers and 160,000 private contractors to evacuate, thousands of vehicles, etc.. It can’t be done quickly.