Iraq Ready To Tell US-Goodbye!

President George Bush has from the beginning of his ill fated invasion of Iraq in 2003 been somewhat confused regarding not only the purpose of the venture but about its conclusion. On one hand, he is continually boasting the United States has no designs on Iraq and is simply there to help out, but, on the other hand, it is clear he wants to impose his will on the country. However, in recent weeks there has emerged in Iraq a growing backlash against the agreement made between the United States and the Iraq government over America’s long-term presence in the country. Some Iraq politicians are furious the agreement allows for a permanent foreign military presence in Iraq, the right of Americans to arrest Iraq citizens, conduct military operations, be immune from Iraq law, and, in effect, treat their nation as a pseudo-colony.

An Iraqi who has been involved in these negotiations says America is beginning to recognize that Iraq will not tolerate being treated as a second rate nation. “Now, the American position is much more positive and more flexible than before.” The Iraqi opposition wants US forces confined to their barracks unless requested to act by the Iraq government. They do not wish Americans to have the power granted by the original agreement that was hammered out prior to recent Iraq army success. In essence, Bush may well have inadvertently achieved the success he desired. Americans may well be able to go home.