Iraq Scorecard – Get One

One expects historians to eventually write books which explain American policy in what we term, the Middle East. The twisted road of American policy toward Iraq is baffling to any sane individual. Let me explain:

1. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator who hated fundamentalist Muslim groups such as al-Qaeda and imprisoned Islamic clerics in his jails. He created a secular society in which women had equal rights.
2. Thus, the administration of the dynamic trio-Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld– wiped him out and led to his death.
3. The United States then created a fundamentalist Islamic government in Iraq which has forced over half the Christian population to flee in terror.
4. Yesterday in Iraq, they arrested Wathiq al Battat, a leader of the Iraq al-Mukhtar militia who was responsible for bombing sites in Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni.
5. Iran, which has been the enemy of America for over thirty years exerts power in fellow Shiite Iraq which we freed from the rule of secular people.

In other words, the US has driven from power secular leaders in the Middle East in order to empower fundamentalist Islamics which we fight in Afghanistan. Fundamentalist Saudi Arabia which funds fellow fundamentalists in the Middle East which seek to kill American soldiers is our “ally.”

Get your scorecard on who is our friend in the Middle East– and WHY?