Iraq Sources Claim Surge Is Not Surging

According to an editorial in the Iraq newspaper, the situation in Iraq has grown worse despite American claims things are improving. “The security situation in Baghdad is deteriorating very quickly…The synchronized bombing of churches in three major cities in the country–Baghdad, Mosul and Kirkuk- and the ostensible surge in bomb attacks targeting U.S. supported Arab Sunni militias, government targets, and U.S. Marines are indications of worsening security conditions despite Iraqi government efforts to present a different picture.” Azzaman notes that two million people have fled Iraq and at least one in four people in Baghdad have moved to another neighborhood to escape harassment and death.

The US government insists things are improving in Iraq. They probably are witnessing fewer deaths of American soldiers, but the basic life situation may not have witnessed significant improvement. Baghdad and other m ajor cities continually experience lack of electricity and shipments of oil and electricity have been sharply curtailed by Kuwait and Turkey. The surge’s final outcome is still to be evaluated.