Iraq Terror Attacks-Silence Of Muslim World?

A Danish cartoonist publishes a sketch of the Prophet Mohammed and thousands of Muslims pour into the streets demanding action and death to the infidel who dared to desecrate their religion. An individual tells a joke which is aimed at Muslims and protests mount. Wherever, those not of the Muslim faith act contrary to decency, masses of Muslim citizens will express their anger openly. However, if Iranian police beat innocent students, there is silence from the Muslim world. If Al-Qaeda blasts dozens of people to death and wounds hundreds the sound of silence is quite apparent from Muslim leaders. Why does a cartoon which does not harm anyone regarded as more threatening than the death of hundreds of Muslims at the hands of other Muslims?

We await imams marching in the streets of Baghdad in protest to the slaughter of the innocent. We await a Muslim Martin Luther King who will place his body at risk in order to confront hatred. Where are Muslim clerics at this hour when fellow Muslims are being killed?