Iraq To Blackwater–Goodbye!

Another chapter in the story of Bush’s fiasco in Iraq has been completed with an announcement from the government of Iraq that Blackwater Worldwide is no longer welcome in its country. The decision derives from an incident in September, 2007, when trigger happy security guards at Blackwater opened fire and killed 17 innocent civilians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. A spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry said Blackwater’s license to operate in Iraq was being ended due to “improper conduct and excessive use of force.” Five former Blackwater guards have pleaded not guilty on January 6 in federal court to charges of manslaughter. Even prior to this incident, the Blackwater company had earned a reputation for being quick on the trigger.

The suspension of the Blackwater license poses problems for American diplomats who rely on this service for protection while in Iraq. Most probably the company has become a lightening rod for numerous complaints from Iraqis about the excessive use of force in dealing with civilians which has resulted in too many cases of innocent people getting killed.

At this point in time it is probably best for Blackwater to leave the scene since its history of use of force has not always met with care and concern for civilians in the immediate area.