Iraq To US- Make Love Not War With Iran

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, urged the United States and Iran to cease trading accusations and sit down in a peaceful manner to resolve differences between the two nations. The Iraqis repeatedly have told both sides they do not wish to get caught in the middle of a fight. “We believe,” he said, “it is very important to bring both parties to the negotiating table” so they can iron out differences. Zebari expressed his anger over failure on the part of both nations to set a date to discuss problems in Iraq where the US claims Iran is assisting insurgents. Iran broke off talks claiming American troops were guilty of a “massacre” of the Iraqi people because of a recent offense into Sadr City.

The ironic aspect of the Zebari cry for peace is the supposed ineffectual Iraqi government is now giving Americans sound advice on how to conduct their foreign affairs. Perhaps, President Bush should go to Baghdad and learn first hand how to handle Iran other than shouting and screaming and making accusations against that nation.