Iraq Votes–Now What?

The good news is that people in Iraq had an election and about 50% turned out to vote, the bad news is no one knows why the vote was down from 2005 figures except fear about recent bombings in the Baghdad area. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is claiming victory for his party since initial reports are they carried at least three provinces. But, his secular Muslim rival, Ilyad Allawi is also claiming success based on totals in Baghdad and in the Sunni area of Anbar province. The most difficult factor confronting Iraqis is whether it is possible to hammer out a coalition government which would be able to draw together the disparate groups in Iraq and create the sense of a united government.

General Ordieno told the media that evacuation of US forces is proceeding on schedule and it is expected there will only be about 50,000 comes September. The unanswered question is whether as the American presence declines, there will be an upsurge in violence.

We await Fox News reports about how Obama is weak on terrorism.