Iraq War And Rice

Over a decade has passed but the consequences of what happened in the misguided war based on lies has yet to reach a conclusion. Former Presidential advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice played important roles during the course of the conflict. She remained silent when international law was violated by abuse of prisoners, she remained silent when lies were made by leading members of the Administration, and she sub sequentially never uttered a word o f apology or regret. Over five thousand young Americans died in the conflict along with hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, but she has no regrets. Over forty thousand Americans were wounded along with over a million Iraqis but she has no regrets.

Ms.Rice was invited to speak at the commencement program for Rutgers University when faculty and students protested having a person who COULD be classified as a war criminal be the one who bids students farewell. She agreed to forgo the $35,000 fee in order not to cast gloom upon the event. She did emphasize that she felt “honored to serve her country.” Naturally, President Robert Barchi of Rutgers raised the issue of “freedom of discourse.”

Sorry, Mr. Barchi, the dead will never be able to join in your discourse.