Iraq War Illegal PM Tony Blair Advised In 2003

The Chilcot inquiry which is investigating what happened in the British government in 2003 hat resulted in their young men and women sent into combat continually receives information that many advisers told Prime Minister Tony Blair his decision for war was illegal. Sir Michael Wood, chief legal adviser to the Foreign Office told his superiors, “I considered the use of of force in March, 2003 was contrary to international law.” Elizabeth Wilmshurst, his deputy, said the decision to proceed with war without a second resolution from the United Nations was a “crime of aggression.” Attorney General Lord Goldsmith told the prime minister in January, 2003 there was need for a second UN resolution, but for some mysterious reason changed his mind in March, 2003, just days before the invasion of Iraq

The Chilcot inquiry is getting at the root of what happened and it becomes increasingly clear that Prime Minister Tony Blair misled the people of his nation and colluded with President Bush on a venture that was illegal. It is about time the American people learned the truth about the Bush decision for war. It is about time, President Obama cease claiming such information would be divisive. Parents and spouses have a right to know why their loved one was killed or wounded.