Iraq Wars Continue Among Iraqis

The mantra about the success of the famous “surge” has become part of what people believe is the conventional truth concerning Iraq– al-Qaeda has been beaten and things are on the mend and headed for democracy. Unfortunately, the truth is not always what it sounds like on Fox News. Sunni groups which cooperated with American forces in order to deal with al-Qaeda now fear the Iraqi Shiite government is cracking down on their groups in order to destroy Sunni power within the nation. Sunni groups began a two day protest against arrest of one of its leaders and US backed Iraqi troops crushed the Sunni attempt at protesting what they viewed as an injustice.

The Iraq government is attempting to prove that Sunni forces are trying to bring back Saddam military forces. Sunni forces wonder why charges against their leader, Adel l-Maashhadani were never raised when he was working with US troops to crush al-Qaeda. Leaders of Sunni councils are becoming angry at failure to incorporate their forces within the Iraqi army.

If American forces leave and things don’t change there is a high probability that Sunni-Shiite fighting will resume.