Iraq Withdrawal–Who Decides And When Does It Occur?

President Bush and Prime Minister Nouri al-Malki spoke on the phone how to proceed with the planned withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. Maliki wants American forces out of major Iraq cities no later than June, 2009, and the president is hesitating about the date due to uncertainty about what will happen once major portions of US troops are no longer on site. Yesterday, there were reports a 27 point withdrawal plan had been accepted by both sides, but White House spokesman gordon Johndroe, noted: “It’s not done until it’s done. And the discussions are really ongoing. And ongoing and ongoing. But, hopefuly, drawing to a conclusion.”

Senator Barak Obama tends to support the views of the Iraq government about a fairly quick withdrawal of American forces while Senator John McCain does not want to be that specific arguing the situation in Iraq should determine when American forces depart. Unfortunately, for that viewpoint, an Iraq government increasingly feels confident it can handle things without the presence of any outside help. And, in the end, the Iraq government will have to call the shots.