Iraqi Children Victims Of Corruption

It was an opportunity for the United States to focus on meeting the needs of Iraqi children rather than dealing with issues of life and death. A shipment of over 8,000 computers for use by Iraqi children arrived in their nation, but the school kids have yet to be able to utilize them in their classsrooms. The computers are stalled at customs for months. American military became interested in what happened and began an investigation in order to get the computers into schools. General Brooks issues a stinging demand for the Iraqi government to deal with the problem and even Iraqi newspapers got into the act by asking about what had happened to the computers which were still under control of customs.

The original shipment of computers arrived in February and then became stalled in customs. For some reason, 4,200 of the computers were sold at auction(total cost to American tax payers was $1.8 million) for $45,700!! The computers were then sold to an Iraqi businessmen. Finally, Prime Minister Maliki got into the act and had the computers returned. No one in Customs can explain why the computers were sold. No one can even explain how they were recovered. Welcome to Iraqi, a bastion of American democracy.