Iraqi Cleric Says-“Ami, Go Home!”

In the United States we have a cleric named Terry Jones who believes God has ordained him to decide the foreign policy of the county. In Iraq, Muqtada al-Sadr has decided that Allah has appointed him to decide the foreign policy of his nation. He read statement to thousands of people in the streets of Baghdad. “What if the U.S. forces and others stay in our beloved lands? What if their companies and embassy headquarters will continue to exist with the American flags hoisted on them? Will you be silent” Will you overlook this? No, no America. No, no America.” We admit the man does have a point. When will US troops leave his beloved land?

We suggest that the Iraqi government should place this cleric in charge of ending the American presence in the land. I am certain the overwhelming majority of Christian Americans believe in the words of this Muslim cleric. Let’s go home. Now!.