Iraqi Legacy Of Iraq War

The American media focuses on issues pertaining to those who fight for the United States and scant attention is paid to Iraqi soldiers who have fought and been wounded in the struggle to defend their nation against terrorists. A recent Stars & Stripes report highlighted the thousands of wounded Iraqi soldiers who have lost body limbs, but do not receive any semblance of reimbursement for their wounds. “Throughout Iraq, the toll of the war is visible in empty sleeves, jagged scars, pronounced limps.” There are no accurate figures for Iraqis who died, but conservative estimates are over 9,000.

At present, there is no retirement system for injured veterans and no support to help them pay for medical expenses, let alone living costs. General Ali Qaidan Majeed notes: “I agree, we are one of the only countries in the world that doesn’t have laws to preserve rights for injured veterans.”

Perhaps, there might be a spare billion that is not going to bankers that could be diverted to these decent brave men.