Iraqi Militants Come From US Ally Nations

Documents uncovered in an American raid on insurgent headquarters reveal that unlike claims by President Bush that Iran and Syria are major sources of militants, they come, for the most part, from countries allied with the United States. The information was obtained after US forces raided an insurgent base in northwest Iraq where written and computer data indicates 41% of insurgents came from Saudi Arabia and 18% from Libya, two nations working with the United States in the anti-terrorism battle. Of the 25,000 names only 11 were from Iran. Following are figures from the documents regarding place of origin of militants:
Saudi Arabia—- 41%
Libya —– 18%
Yemen ——68 individuals
Morocco ——64 individuals
Tunisia —— 38 individuals
Turkey —— 2 individuals
During the past several months the Bush administration has attempted to frighten the American people by citing claims Iranian militants are aiding the insurgency in Iraq. The evidence from the raid indicates these claims are without foundation. Americans forget that 15 of the 19 men who committed the 9/11 horror were from Saudi Arabia and none came from Iraq. There is no question Fox News will not cease its propoganda campaign to convince the American nation Iran is behind all problems in Iraq