Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Like Saddam

The war to end dictatorial rule by Saddam Hussein was based on the importance of freeing the people of Iraq from life under a regime in which opponents were placed in prison and denied their rights to a fair trial. Amnesty International reports years after the ouster of Saddam, the situation remains quite the same with detainees frequently in jail for months, or even years, while their case is under consideration by authorities. According to Malcolm Smart, “Iraq’s security forces have been responsible for systematically violating detainee’s rights.” The report adds that hundreds of people–some facing the death penalty, have been convicted on the basis of confessions extracted under torture. The list of abuses goes on and on, people packed in vans which resulted in death. A prison containing 400 Sunni opponents of Prime Minister Maliki and who will remain there until he gives them clearance to leave.

Naturally, American military forces insist, as stated by Colonel Owen: “Detainees are fed, clothed and provided medicine and able to meet with family members.” Heck, it is a damn country club atmosphere. We conquered the nation, we promised freedom, let’s do our job.