Iraqi Soldier Kills American Soldiers

A group of American soldiers were laughing and talking as they prepared for a normal mission. They did not expect to engage in heavy combat from insurgents, and naturally their guard was relaxed as they waited to depart. None noticed an Iraqi soldier who placed a clip in his rifle. Suddenly, the air was filled with bullets as the Iraqi soldier fired at the Americans, within moments two fell to the earth with deadly wounds while three others were wounded. Fortunately, before the Iraqi could continue his deadly spree, other weapons responded and killed him. These attacks by Iraqi soldiers on Americans are isolated examples, but they also reveal the presence of disloyal elements in the Iraqi armed forces.

Initial investigation indicates the Iraqi soldier was a member of the Sunni militants who Americans have worked with, but Prime Minister Maliki has pursued a different course of action by refusing to be serious in the integration process of making Sunnis part of the Iraqi army. If Sunni and Shiite are not integrated into a single armed force, the prospect for peace is dim.