Iraq,Iraq, Iraq Violence

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago at the beginning of the twenty first century there lived a great ruler named George Bush who  had two trusted assistants named Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld. These were wise  men who knew all about that far off land called, Iraq. It was ruled by an evil man named, Saddam Hussein. George and Dick and Don decided to bring peace, prosperity and hope to the people living in this terrible place, and in the process, they would destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction. And, so the bad man was killed and Americans took over the land of Iraq. And, peace and prosperity were now part of the lives of those living in Iraq??

Instead of working to create a coalition government that included both Sunnis(minority) and Shiites the US  allowed a sectarian, angry Shiite government to assume power. Thus, a new civil war arose between Sunnis who felt oppressed and Shiites who now controlled the government after decades under  rule of Sunnis. In one week over 13o people died in violence that wracked Iraq. The country is being torn to pieces because Prime Minister Maliki is  out for vengeance rather than being out for peace and reconciliation.

We recommend that Maliki ask assistance from South African leaders who avoided such chaos by reaching out to whites  rather than seeking revenge for  years of oppression.