Ireland Rejects Lisbon Treaty And EU

Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty which offered members of the European Union new opportunities to come together as a united force. By a vote of 53.4% to 46.6% Irish voters expressed a loud “no” to the agreement despite the fact so far 18 of the 27 EU members have signed on. EU Commission president, Jose Barroso urged other nations to proceed with their signing of the treaty and he hoped some way could be found to get around the Irish rejection. President Sarkozy of France expressed his “regrets” but he apparently is working to proceed with the treaty and then have it implemented with Ireland deciding whether or not to live by its rules and procedures. Chancellor Merkel of Germany was disappointed by her Social Democratic(SPD) allies were furious and termed it a “catastrophe.”

Stipe Mesic, president of Croatia expressed the feelings of many when he commented that Ireland had used EU funds to jump start their economy and give birth to the present prosperity, but now they are turning their backs on those who helped. At some point, members of the European Union have to abandon the 100% required to get anything done, because that is not democracy, it is a dictatorship by the 1% over the 99%. The American model of three-fourths required to amend the Constitution might well be interesting guidelines for the EU.