Irish Taliban Arrives

I was raised in a world in which Irish people were dedicated supporters of democracy and the right of people to enjoy freedom of religion as well as oppose forces of hatred. Union leaders like Mike Quill fought for human rights and would never support forces of hatred toward those who wanted the right to live in peace. New reports from Ireland indicate members of the Irish Republican Army are linking up with the Taliban to secure mortars and rocket launchers that would shoot down planes. The IRA apparently has decided to join with the Taliban and get into the business of placing hate as the number one place on the agenda of Irish freedom. Frankly, the very concept of the IRA connected to the Taliban makes no sense to those such as myself who always wanted Ireland to enjoy a democratic society which secured rights to all people in Ireland, Catholic or Protestant.

One wonders if some IRA folk joined the British army in order to go to Afghanistan and obtain military training and equipment which could be returned to the green shores of Ireland. How did we ever reach a stage in which the IRA was now a killing buddy of the Taliban??