Iron Fist Of Iranian Theocracy Slams Down!

The iron fist of the Iranian theocracy has slammed down its fist on anyone who dares to speak with members of the foreign press or have contacts with non-Iranian sources. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has made clear that any problems with the Iranian presidential elections stem from interference by the world media so the solution is to ban any contact with those who created the problems. The German newspaper, Der Spiegel, which had an interview with President Ahmadinjad before the elections is now termed a “Zionist newspaper” because it also interviewed Hossein Mousavi. There is scant doubt in the immediate Iran’s government can beat, imprison and even kill those who have defied the Supreme Leader and his ill advised support of Ahmadinejad. Khamenei still does not grasp the extent of what he has done to the Muslim religion and the power of clerics. He has besmirched his reputation as a “leader” among millions of Iranians, and he has opened the door for the Ahmadinejad military alliance to take complete control of the nation.

What will happen four years from now when Ahmadinejad’s term of office concludes? Will he go quietly into retirement from politics? Or, will he use the military to overthrow clerical rule and declare himself president for life? I am certain he will find something in the Koran to justify such action.