IRS Is National Problem

The Internal Revenue Service is now charged with being politically biased and targeting Republican groups such as the Tea Party. Republicans in the House of Representatives charge they are the object of scorn and hatred by those working in the IRS. A furious campaign is now in operation which seeks to prove that President Obama was behind this dastardly assault on groups that contribute their millions of dollars to his enemies. A few problems with this scenario. Former REPUBLICAN President George Bush appointed the head of the IRS and thus Republicans have been in charge of this organization during the entire presidency of Barack Obama.

Conservatives on the US Supreme Court gave open permission for any and all organizations to contribute money for political campaigns. This unleashed thousands of groups to be formed in order to give money for political purposes. It was the 70,000 groups that had to be examined which opened doors to corruption and  deceit. If anyone is at fault, check with George Bush.